Bipasha and Amisha Patel's Raaz 3 connection

Revealed: `Flop` Bipasha and Amisha Patel`s Raaz 3 connection

Producer Mahesh Bhatt describes "Raaz 3" as a mix of three true-life stories of actress Bipasha Basu, director Vikram Bhatt and writer Shagufta Rafique. 

"'Raaz 3' is a cocktail of three true stories. One is about Shagufta, who has observed how people indulge in black magic to enhance their career. I know it sounds bizarre, but that's the truth." 

"Bipasha was in a stage in her real life where she was heartbroken and her career was declining to ground zero. With the landscape filled with new heroines, she had a terrible phase," he said and added that Vikram Bhatt also was in a similar situation when one of his girlfriends broke his heart. 

"Vikram Bhatt's girlfriend (Amisha?) used to manipulate him to enhance her career," Bhatt said. 

He says it is a horror film with a real message. 

"Though the film has horror all over it but it has a soul of real message, truth of fame-seeking celebrity," the 63-year-old said. 

Viewers can see it all when "Raaz 3" hits the screen Sep 7.

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