Preity Zinta’s ex and the ‘Rockstar’ actress cosied up at KJo’s party 

Nargis Fakhri keeps denying her link-ups be it with Ranbir Kapoor or Shahid Kapoor. But unfortunately for her, the paparazzi often catches her red-handed! As they did during Karan Johar’s grand birthday bash last week.
Nargis Fakhri
Sources say that out of the 40 minutes that the ‘Rockstar’ actress was present at the party, she spent most of it with Preity Zinta’s ex boyfriend Ness Wadia. Ness, it’s said, was quite happy to ignore Preity and turn on the charm for Nargis.

While everyone was vying for the spotlight, these two got into a cosy corner to do some serious catching up. Apparently, Ness finds her rather attractive and only hot-footed it to the bar for a drink in between the animated conversation they enjoyed. Since Nargis made an early exit, he went all the way outside to drop her to her car as well. A lengthy and affectionate farewell followed!

But her spokesperson is in denial mode! “Nargis and Ness don’t even know each other,” he says. The spokesperson even denied the fond farewell! “This is completely untrue. They just said hello to each other. Nargis was at the party for about 40 minutes. She entered and left with her manager, who is a woman.”

That doesn’t discount the charming man – Ness Wadia – seeing her off to the car as caught on camera!

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