Katrina Kaif's dream wedding plans

Katrina Kaif, to an Indian Kashmiri Father and...
Katrina Kaif, to an Indian Kashmiri Father and British mother, at Feltham '07 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even the best of women can't help being little girls at heart. The gorgeous Katrina Kaif speaks to CS about her wish of being a pampered princess and having a royal wedding:

Dream to be a princess

Every girl, at some point in time dreams of being a princess. Even I have done that. And I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such nice friends and a supportive family. They make me feel like a real-life princess all the time!

Being beautiful

Beauty for me does not mean just faces because that’s very subjective. I believe that a person who has a good heart is beautiful and that’s what attracts me to them.

The way you look has a lot to do with how you feel from within. Being calm inside and happy with your work naturally brings a smile on your face.

Pamper me

Though I was never a pampered child, I have been blessed with a really caring family, who appreciate me. I pamper myself with food at times. These days I am helping myself to some yummy mangoes. Apart from that, I also love oriental food a lot and I can totally live on it 24x7.

A royal wedding

Whenever I plan to get married, I would want my wedding to be in a haveli in a royal Indian style.
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