John and Kangana hot scene in Shootout At Wadala

John Abraham plays the part of the dreaded gangster Manya Surve, while Kangana Ranaut plays his widowed-girlfriend in Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Wadala. That much is known. But what remains a secret is that the two actors have a couple of intense lovemaking sequences in the gangster saga. While the first is described as a “beautiful and sensual” one, there is another sizzling scene that has been described as “wild and violent.”

“It is some thing that John and Kangana have never experienced in their career. In the film, the first lovemaking sequence comes at a point when John and Kangana’s characters meet as ex-lovers after many years. And that moment leads to this fervent lovemaking session. It’s very beautiful and aesthetic and at the same time, it’s explicit because in this scene, Kangana’s character, Vidya, doesn’t know Manya has become a gangster,” says an insider from the unit.

On the other hand, the second scene is a violently passionate one. “By this point in the movie, Manya is at the peak of his reign as a gangster, and his stature shows in his lovemaking too. It shows the mindset of a man who is high on power. In fact, while they were shooting this scene, Kangana was wearing bangles. Since they both got into the moment, the bangles broke and bruised John’s hand and hurt Kangana too,” adds the insider.

Although Shootout At Wadala is being seen as an out-and-out gangster film, its makers are confident that eventually the love story will emerge as the central plot. So when it came to shooting the two lovemaking sequences, director Sanjay knew things had to be handled delicately.

Says Gupta, “No one can say they (the scenes) are vulgar. Kangana was a little worried initially, but I was able to put her at her ease. Both John and she have trusted me implicitly. So I have tried to shoot the sequences to the best of my abilities. I don’t want to let them down, which is why I have tried to maintain an aesthetic quality too.”
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