Shah Rukh Khan at Yale University

Shah Rukh Khan enthralled the students of Yale University as he came to the Ivy League institution as a Chubb Fellow, one of its top honours.

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan addressing the Yale community as Chubb Fellow. 

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan with Yale Master Jeffrey Brenzel doing Bollywood dance steps 
Latest Updates : 
US apologies SRK's detention
Shah Rukh detained at a New York airport


Neha Jain said...

I hv been travelling to U very frequently, but none of the time i hv been detained for questioning.. why only we know and he admitts that his arrogance,and taking things for granted puts him in this stituations, and this makes the story overseas which effcets the country name.

Anonymous said...

May be you are true @Neha . Thanks for sharing your story