“I can’t take my family to see Gangs Of Wasseypur!” says Salman

“I can’t take my family to see Gangs Of Wasseypur!” says Salman
In Anurag Kashyap’s recently released film, which is the sequel of Gangs Of Wasseypur, one of the characters, Definite, is shown to be Salman Khan fan.
This is particularly interesting as Anurag had a public fallout with Salman at the time of Dabangg which is his younger brother, Abhinav Kashyap’s directorial debut.Things went so sour between the Khan and Kashyap brothers that Salman went ahead and decided to make the sequel without Abhinav. Now the producer Arbaaz Khan is directing the film.
The question is whether it’s just a scene in the film or Anurag's attempt to mend bridges with Salman?
Ask Salman if he thinks Anurag is trying to extend an olive branch to him and if he is willing to accept that, he retorts,“I do clean films, straight out. Mujhe meri picture main gaali vaali rakhne ki koi zaroorat nahi padti. (I don’t needto use abusive language in my films.) I just want to do my kind of cinema. I just want our filmmakers to make movies with our culture and value system.”
Even though Salman doesn’t seem to be in a mood to forgive and forget, however he gives his best wishes to the film. He adds, “If this film does well, its good. I will be very happy. I hope every film does well.”
The actor informs that he has not seen the film yet. “I am busy promoting my film. I don’t have time to watch other’s films.” Ask him if he plans to watch it in the near future he shoots back saying, “No. I watch films with friends and family. But I can’t take my family to watch that film. Even though everybody is grown up and mature in my family. And we all are adults and aware and very chilled out but I don’t I think I will want to see that film with them.”
We wonder what Anurag has to say to this?

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