Amrita denies daughter Sara signing a film

Amrita Singh is livid with an item in Mumbai Mirror that said her teenage daughter Sara Khan had signed her first film with Yash Chopra's production house. "The news is incorrect," said Amrita adding, "For heaven's sake, please leave my children alone."


The actress continued, "I'm the one doing a film with that production house. Not my daughter. There hasn't been any talk about something like this. Sara is in high school. After she finishes her school, she intends to go overseas to study law. If she decides to join films, it may be four years hence. As of now, she has not signed any movie and I seriously think it is ridiculous to speculate about her career when she has yet to finish her studies."

Amrita also denied ever changing her path because Kareena Kapoor was in the same studio as her recently.

Said she, "There are around 50 make-up rooms spread over some two floors and umpteen artistes are shooting at any given point of time. Some journalist did call to ask me if I was aware of Kareena's presence in the studio around the time I was there, and I just told her that I have been around for 30 years and I'm not sort who would duck in such situations. I spoke the truth. It may make for great copy for you guys to speculate on our personal lives. But there has to be some truth to a situation for you to start reporting."

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