Kareena is not doing 'Chennai Express' with SRK

Director Rohit Shetty has quashed rumours of Kareena Kapoor being cast opposite Shahrukh Khan in his next project 'Chennai Express' and says that the leading lady will be finalised soon

 "I have not really (approached Kareena Kapoor), she knows what I am making. I might do something else with Kareena, " Shetty told in an interview.

Grapevine is abuzz that Deepika Padukone is likely to feature opposite King Khan in the film. "Just wait for ten days and then everyone will come to know who it is. In ten days time, we will announce our heroine, " he said. 

Interestingly for Shetty, 'Chennai Express' is the first film where he will be working without his close buddy Ajay Devgn. In all the eight films that Shetty has directed till date, Ajay has been a common factor and the director says CE, should be taken as an exception.

"There is no fight, there is no negativity happening between us. We are working together for 'Singham 2'. I don't think people should question the bond we share, " Shetty said.

Ask him if there is any scope where he can have Ajay Devgn doing a cameo in the film, the 39-year-old director says, "Not really as the script is almost ready. In two months we will start shooting." 'Chennai Express' will go on floors from the end of September and release would happen mid-next year.

The film will be a total commercial - "Rohit Shetty style", where one would get to see his signature style like cars blowing up. "I do all those things (blowing up cars and all) for kids as they enjoy it. It became a trademark for all films. All this will happen in 'Chennai Express' as well...but not blowing up the trains, " he chuckled.

'Chennai Express' is a story about a man who travels from Mumbai to Rameshwaram and what happens during the journey, is what the film is about.

"It is not totally a train journey film, it is something else as well and there is a reason why the name of the film is 'Chennai Express'. Like only 15-20 minutes of the film is in the train, it is not like where the whole film is happening inside the train. I can't talk much about the film as it is too early, " Shetty said.

Meanwhile, Shetty is happy with the response to his last release, 'Bol Bachchan', a romantic-comedy inspired by 1979 film 'Golmaal'. "We were not making frame-to-frame copy of 'Golmaal'. 

When you see 'Bol Bachchan' one can't compare it frame-by-frame with that film. There was a reason why we took the rights (of 'Golmaal') as there is Golmaal happening inside 'Bol Bachchan'. The basic idea came from Golmaal but we have made it into our own film, " Shetty said.

"Critics I was dead sure they would give one or two stars and the film will do well at the box office. I don't read reviews. All I knew we have made a good film and we were sure people will like it. I made a film to entertain audience and what is wrong in making people happy, " he said. 

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