Shahid turns Priyanka's bodyguard

Shahid Kapoor may definitely not make headlines for his brawls like many superstars in Bollywood do. However, let there be no doubt that he is an alpha male as he is very chivalrous too. 

Recently during the various promotional activities of Kunal Kohli's Teri Meri Kahaani,Shahid rescued Priyanka Chopra several times as the need arose.

Like there was this one instance when Kunal, PC and Sasha decided to take a train ride on a Mumbai local. A portion of TMK is shot on a local and the actors felt they should experience the real thing, so they boarded a train with some media crews also present. Mumbai locals are jam-packed most of the time and PC was completely crushed when they boarded the train. When Sasha noticed how she was struggling to find space, he not only found her a corner but also stood guard around her till they reached the destination.

During the promotions across the cities, this couple had to grapple with huge crowds in multiplexes and at malls. Shahid was a true gentleman and he made sure that he made way for PC and also elbowed out strangers in the vicinity. Unfortunately he had a price to pay. At a Mumbai college, the actor's hand was injured when he tried to manoveur through the crowds and he was bleeding because of a deep gash.

TMK that is produced by Eros International, Kunal Kohli and Vicky Bahry releases on June 22.

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