Fatherhood has changed me as a person: Raj Kundra

B-Town's dads are excited about spending time with their kids today. New dad Raj Kundra says that fatherhood has changed him as a person. "Becoming a father has made me a different man all together," he says.
The excited father had even created a Twitter account for his son but stopped tweeting after reports emerged that Shilpa and he were seeking publicity. "My thought process towards life, work and play has changed and become more focused towards my son," he says. Ask him if he will be a strict dad or spoil his son silly, and he says with a smile, "I will spoil him... after teaching him values. More like a reward for good deeds!" And, the doting dad also adds, "Shilpa is the strict one!"

Even actor Arjun Rampal says that he wants to be a good friend to his children. "They should not look at me as somebody they fear or can't open up to. I encourage them to share their lives with me, right from what's going on in school to their friends," says Arjun. On Father's Day today, he shares why it's such a joy being a father to his two daughters, Mahira (10) and Mihika (7). "Father's Day is special because it's a reminder that you are a dad. Ever since I became a parent, my entire way of looking at my own parents changed a lot. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love.

When Mahira was born, I can't even begin to describe how I felt! I was overwhelmed and very emotional. All that macho-ness went for a toss. Tears started flowing out of sheer joy. When Mihika was born, I was like, 'OMG! She looks like Angelina Jolie with her pink lips!' My parents too must have loved me as unconditionally as I love my little ones," he says. "We get caught up in our lives and careers so much that we lose sight of how our parents were towards us. Any day which celebrates parents — be it Father's Day or Mother's Day — should truly be celebrated! I don't just want to celebrate my parents, but also want to celebrate being a father of two beautiful and precious daughters," he adds.


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