Salman to play a superhero called Sher Khan

Even if the world comes to an end you can rely on one man to protect you from the danger - Sher Khan!

Reportedly, action man Salman Khan will play the role of a superhero, Sher Khan, with special powers and sport shoulder length hair. The movie is titled ‘Sher Khan’ and will be directed by Salman's younger brother Sohail Khan.Sher Khan will be a crime fighting, law abiding action hero with Pashtun roots.

Speaking to a tabloid, the man who has been chosen to write the script of the project, Rumi Jaffery, said that Sher Khan will be different from the regular breed of heroes such as ‘Superman,’ ‘Spider Man’ or the indigenous ‘Krrish’ or ‘G.One.’ He added that Sallu’s ‘Sher Khan’ will neither wear a wig, fly in the air nor beat up a dozen goons single-handedly. The action scenes in the movie will include ancient forms of martial arts practised in Kerala.

The movie is believed to be targeted at young children who are macho man Sallu’s biggest fans.

In the same vein, it was also learnt that ‘Sher Khan’ was initially meant to be a south Indian action hero. Kona Venkatesh who wrote Salman's ‘Ready’ was thus asked to write the screenplay. But at that last minute, Sohail and Salman changed their mind and roped in Rumi Jaffery to write an action film for the kids.

Shooting for the film will begin around October 2012.

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