Gauri Khan, Priyanka Chopra patch up



It was being said that Gauri was not comfy with SRK and PC's growing chemistry. "Things are solved now. Jo thoda bahot issues Gauri had with PC have been sorted now. Right now, SRK is shooting abroad, but when he'll be back in mid-July, and will host parties, Priyanka will certainly be invited, and Gauri will have pictures clicked with her. There was some trouble, but all is well now," says a source close to the Khans.

But wasn't it because of the PC issue that Gauri didn't seem happy at all at SRK's IPL victory, given the not-so-excited expressions? "If you've ever noticed, Gauri has never been expressive in front of the camera. She's wary of showing her emotions when she knows shutterbugs are around. So, you'll hardly ever see her with any clear expression at any public place. She's expressive only with her family," clarifies the source.

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