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Indian actress Neha Dhupia at the Chivas Fashi...
Indian actress Neha Dhupia at the Chivas Fashion Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actress Neha Dhupia, who has been single for a long time now, says it is time she got some pampering from that someone special

Bold is old?

Actress Neha Dhupia says she is very choosy when it comes to scripts. A good story and a good content is what drives her. But, considering she doesn't have too many roles in her kitty, we wonder why did the actress decline the lead role in the sequel of her path breaking film "Julie"? Clearing her stand she says, "There is a time and place for everything in this world. And when the time is not right nothing can be done. And frankly speaking, I wasn't ready for the movie right now." On asking further whether it was the skin show that was causing her discomfort, she attempts to skip the question and says, "I am looking for some different kind of work these days."

Kahin toh hoga woh...

This Punjabi girl might be single these days but you ask her about the future prospects for her love life and she says. "I am single but I seriously wish that someone comes in my life soon. And really want that someone special to gift me presents like a solitaire and make me feel like a loved one." The actress who was in Lucknow recently, believes that when it comes to jewellery and ornaments she has a special love for diamonds.

Sporting It Right

Talking about her love for sports, Neha says, "I am a big sports lover. I was following the ongoing UEFA league. And I kept tweeting each and every update about the recently held match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. I am a diehard fan of any sporting action. Infact, I would say that three most crucial things in my life are Movies, jewellery and sports. I wouldn't be able to survive if you take away any of them from me."

What next?

Speaking on her upcoming releases, Neha Dhupia says, "I am eagerly awaiting the June release of my upcoming action flick "Maximum" where I am playing Sonu Sood's wife. Naseer saab ( Naseeruddin Shah) is also in the movie. It's a cop story based in Maharashtra.

The other currently shot movie of mine is " Rush" where I am interestingly playing a journalist. Emraan Hashmi is opposite me in this movie where I am playing a media baron who manages a news organization. Although it's hard to don the hat of a journalist but yes I am doing my best and am putting in a lot of hard work for that. We are getting to know the who's who of media. What goes behind a news, what to telecast when a news organization doesn't have much inputs for the day, and similar interesting stuff... It's really very exciting."
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