Nandana Sen splits with boyfriend

One of Bollywood’s most enduring relationships has ended. Actress Nandana Sen and her producer-boyfriend Madhu Mantena have ended their relationship of 9 years. This, coming in the wake of his ardent marriage proposal in Paris last year, is a rude shock to the couple’s mutual friends who are still hoping to see some miracle happen whereby the couple would be back together.

The couple however maintains that the breakup is final. The reason for the breakup is Madhu’s insistence on marriage. Rather than accept his proposal Nandana has now gone the way. She has bought herself a home in New York where she now intends to re-locate. A long-distance relationship seems impractical and unlikely. Nandana and Madhu have therefore decided to part ways. Nandana doesn’t deny the split.

 The discernibly distressed actress admits the long-standing relationship as ended.“Madhu and I had been planning to move to New York together, but given the pace and zest with which his work in Bombay is growing it doesn’t make sense for him to move away. We love each other deeply, we always have, and we always will. But neither of us believes in the long-term feasibility of an inter-continental relationship. ”

Says Madhu Mantena, "Nandana is and will always remain my dearest friend. Yes, we're no longer a couple. But she knows that I'm always a phone-call away. If she needs me in New York I'll fly down immediately. "

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