Cosmetic brand withdraws endorsement offer after actress demands a whopping fee of Rs 50 lakh per day

The industry grapevine is buzzing with news that post the success of her debut film Ishaqzaade, Parineeti Chopra is taking her newfound stardom a bit too seriously. While she has hiked her fee for endorsement deals, it looks like there are few takers.

According to our source in the advertising sector, a reputed cosmetic brand approached the actress with an offer to endorse their personal care range of products.
Rs 50 lakh per day? Is Parineeti Chopra getting pricey?
When it came to discussing the money, the brand custodians were shocked to hear what the actress would be charging.

“They were surprised to hear that her representatives were asking for at least Rs 50 lakh per day. The brand managers felt the asking price was beyond their expectations, ” reveals our informer, adding that they weren’t willing to pay her more than Rs 25 lakh per day.

Our source explains, “The brand wanted about 10 days from her, of which about seven were to be utilised for the ad campaign and two days for a couple of events.

At that asking rate, signing her for a year would mean spending Rs 5 crore, which is a bit too high for someone new like Parineeti. So now the brand is considering a couple of other faces.”

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