Salman’s war against Shah Rukh continues, decides to copy Om Shanti Om

Salman’s war against Shah Rukh continues, decides to copy Om Shanti Om
Salman Khan wants to ensure that his next home production, Veer, makes all the right noises. The actor who has already started shooting for the film wants a lavish song in this period film.
It is believed that the song will appear during the end credits. Sallu wants the biggies of the industry to feature in it; like they did in Shah Rukh Khan’s home production, Om Shanti Om. Sallu had also featured in the song.Even though details are sketchy, sources reveal the mood will be celebratory. Insiders reveal that Salman and director Anil Sharma have a difference of opinion about including this song.
While Salman wants it, Sharma feels there is no place for it in a period film like Veer. A source reveals, “Salman has the last word as far as Veer is concerned. He doesn’t like to take opinions, he just instructs his team to include his viewpoints at any cost. This has become a matter of debate between him and the director.”
Presently Bhaijaan (as industrywallas call Salman) doesn’t want the news of this special song getting out as he hasn’t got any confirmation from the actors.
Buzz is that these names appear on his wishlist: Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar and even newcomer Imran Khan. There are lot of other names as well. All except Shah Rukh Khan.
“Salman wants to show his power and status in the industry by including such a song in Veer.”

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