Aamir saves Imran’s life, prevents his jump off 20th floor!

Mumbai, Sept 23: Everyone knows what a sweet bond Mamu Aamir and bhanja Imran share! Aamir not only launched him in the super hit venture ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’, he is also very protective about his nephew. Little nephew always comes to him for all kinds of advice. Recently, during the shooting of Imran’s forthcoming ‘Kidnap’, an incident further showed the strong kinship the duo share. ‘Kidnap’ required a stunt scene, which involved jumping off from the 20th floor of a building. Sanjay Dutt, who is Imran’s co-star in the film was observing the stunt from below, which he thought would be done by a body double. But, to his immense surprise, Baba spotted the body double on the ground beside him, while Imran was up there, ready for the stunt. Hot-blooded Imran was bent upon proving that, like Akshay Kumar, he can manage his own stunts. But experienced actor Sanjay saw danger in it. He directly called up mamu to stop his charge from taking the dangerous step. Aamir immediately called up Imran and advised him to refrain from the risky stunt at such an early stage in his career. This made Imran relent, and he agreed to let his body double perform the stunt. Parag Desai, the official spokesperson of Shree Astavinayak Cine Vision said, “The incident did happen. Sanju called Aamir because he is genuinely concerned about Imran’s safety.”

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