Movie Review :Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger - A must see YRF `Tiger` Safari

Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Cinematography: Ravi K. Chandran

Director: Kabir Khan

Rating: ****

Salman Khan's movies are just like the gravity defying stunts. No matter what their limitations are they somehow work out in the end for everyone, except the critics who generally stare with mouths agape scarcely believing their prophecy going wrong one more time. 

But with Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger, Salman's critics finally get a rare moment of Indian cinema when they don't have to trash the biggest star in the town and yet enjoy his work. Perhaps, that's lovey-dovey Yash Raj magic - where everyone leaves happy. 

The film starts with Tiger's introduction - a RAW agent, who successfully completes all assignments with clockwork precision. He is the envy of his contemporaries and the cynosure of his boss, Girish Karnad.

A challenging assignment takes him to Dublin, Ireland where a scientist is, suspected of selling missile technology secrets to Pakistan. Tiger gradually falls in love with the professor's caretaker Zoya (Katrina Kaif), who is studying at a dance academy. 

However, there's a twist in the tale and Tiger gets separated from his ladylove because of the call of his duty. But the smart script by Kabir Khan ensures that the love birds meet again at Turkey. Meanwhile the interesting twists and turns keep the audience engrossed. 

Despite being a serious spy setup, the film has a tongue-in-cheek humour.

The fight sequences in the movie are breath-taking and for the first time after ages, one feels that Salman has given us more of a love story then mindless fight sequences, the credit for which goes to Kabir Khan as some scenes remind you of James Bond movies. 

Add to all this, the perfect chemistry between the lead pair and you have a refreshing cocktail to savour. The songs of the movie are already a hit and the choreography is chic and not loud. However, Sallu does'nt deliver as a dancer but Kat more than makes for it. 

The supporting cast has done a good job. Girish Karnad is his vintage best. Ranvir Shorey as Gopi is maturing into a quality actor. 

Kabir Khan has lived up to his reputation and done a pretty good job. There are some directorial flaws which can't be overlooked, like Zoya bleeding in a mugging scene due to the sharp knife wound on the neck but the blood vanishes in thin air in the next scene. However, overall this movie would ensure that he remains occupied with prestigious projects and banners.

So if you are a Sallu fan or a Kat fan or you enjoy good quality cinema, you must watch this movie as it has everything a Bollywood fan would fish for. Even Kat has matured into a fine actor and Salman totally looks into his elements.

So if you are looking out for a fun outing during this long weekend, go pay a visit to this exquisite YRF 'Tiger' Safari.

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