Katrina Kaif is inspiring: Sunny Leone

In Kolkata, Sunny Leone says her B'wood career wasn't planned

After having been a much visible adult star, how challenging was it for you to reveal something new? Does it hurt your ego that people are apprehensive about your acting talent?
In fact, it was quite easy. I am happy to have got the love and affection from the people. I can't change people's perceptions of me. I am not ashamed of my past. People have, at times, had pre-conceived notions of me. But then, this is my first Indian movie. I had never planned a Bollywood career. How many people get this much of attention when they do their first film? This is a new chapter in my life and I know I am very lucky. Critics have not really torn me into shreds saying that I can't act. I know I have a long way to go but I am happy with the start I've made.

Last year, you did just only one adult movie. This year you have none. Has the craze for porn gone down?
My company produces three to five porn movies a month. I wish to clarify and say that while my company continues to make porn, I have only acted in one last year. This year, I haven't done a single porn film. But there has been no increase or decrease in the interest in porn. It is a billion-dollar industry and continues to be where it was.

How did your hubby react when he first watched a porn movie of yours?
We don't watch movies together. It is my job and he lets do it the way I want to. When he watched me in " Jism 2", he was pleasantly surprised. He had seen bits and pieces of the movie while I was shooting. He loved the story. But it was a different experience for him to see the whole Hindi film. He is my best friend and confidant.

Your character in "Jism 2" got terribly hurt when your partner left you unannounced. Has anyone ever ditched you in real life?
Things have never gone that extreme with me. I am a lover and not a fighter in a relationship. I understand that if a relationship is not working, one has to move forward. But I can never think of taking revenge.

Do you ever get tired of this sexy image? Ever want to revamp it?
Every single person is sexy in their own way. It's interesting to play different roles. It all depends on the package.

Would you ever want to play a rustic character where you don't need to shed clothes at all?
I would love to play characters where I need to sing and dance. I don't mind a rural belle. Your voice got dubbed by Smita Malhotra despite you claiming to have learnt Hindi.

Are you looking at Katrina for inspiration now that Salman says she speaks as good Hindi as anyone else?
I can continue with general conversations but doing a full-fledged interview in Hindi is difficult. Once I go back to the US, I'll continue with my Hindi diction and dance classes. There are lots of people who are outsiders in the industry. There just can't be any excuses for not delivering well. Katrina is definitely inspiring.

While once there were objections to the "Jism 2" posters from NCP and now a member of the same party wants you to attend a dahi handi function! How do you deal with hypocrisy? 
It wasn't me in the posters. There will always be detractors who will tear down posters and some others who will put up others. I don't think the protests had anything to do with me. As far as I am concerned, I won't be attending the dahi handi festival.

What tastes sweetest for you?
Success tastes sweet. I am more than happy with the way my fans have showered their love and affection on me. That sure tastes good.

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