Jism 2 is an over hyped erotic thriller

Cast: Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda, Arunodaya Singh, Arif Zakaria

Director : Poojha Bhatt

Rating : **1/2

With tons of hypes and hullabaloo surrounding the season's most-awaited movie Jism 2, cine goers long wait to catch the hot Sunny Leone in action finally gets over. After soaring the apprehensions, curiosity and speculation arena, finally the most anticipated sex-thriller saga of the year Jism-2 made it to the celluloid.

Eversince the promulgation about Jism-2 and its leading lady was made, the gossip mills pertaining to the movie never ran out of fuel.

So finally the erotic saga appeared on the silver screen, fetching an opening day occupancy of over 92% at the multiplexes, which primarily comprised of people who wanted to have the first glimpse of Sunny's maiden performance in decorous stream of cinema.

Jism-2 is an erotic tale comprising of lust, sex and betrayal, blended with a bleak dose of action and love where a porn star (or so called porn star), is hired by an intelligence officer to set a honey-trap in order to purloin the sensitive information from a dreaded assassin.

The story of the Jism-2 begins with the confession of Izna(Sunny Leone), who is being hired by an Intelligence officer Ayaan ( Arunoday Singh) whom Izna meets in a club.

In the hotel room Ayaan tells Izna, that he is an Intelligence services officer and want to have a deal with her in order to purloin some highly sensitive documents from the possession of a dreaded assassin Kabir Wilson ( Randeep Hooda).

As the story proceeds, Ayaan takes Izna to Srilanka where the duo meets Ayaan's boss Mr Guru( Arif Zakaria), who briefs Izna about the entire mission.

With an objective of intruding into the abode of of Kabir, Ayaan and Izna rents an accommodation next to Kabir's home. And from her begins a journey of sex, lust and betrayal, where Sunny tries to lure Kabir in order to accomplish her objective of getting those secret documents.

It won't be wrong to say that, Jism-2 is a tale with a flimsy spine, which looks like a saga written to secure a berth for Sunny in Bollywood. As far as story line and its flow is concerned then script provides and abrupt start to the movie where the narration of the Sunny with in no time is followed by the action mode.

Script of the Jism-2 seems to be hasty because the succession of the sequences is jotted in such a manner that it somewhat becomes simply indigestible for the cine goers. With Izna meeting Ayaan and with in no time accepting his offer of becoming his pawn to purloin the sensitive information from Kabir is one of the conspicuous example of this.

Through out the course of story, the script seemed to be pouncing towards obtruded intimate sequences. As the story proceeds, the primary plot seems to be getting ostracized. Though Jism-2 is a typical combo of "love, lust and dhokha", but still it completely fails in developing a concrete plot to keep the fans cine sense glued to the big screen.

As far as the dialogues are concerned, then Jism-2 has unconventional romantic dialogues, dabbled in the treacle of philosophy, which again lead to the emergence of monotony in already crumbling script.

In dialogues department writer Shagufta Rafique tried to lends a certain zing to the brew, but could not succeed in doing anything messianic for Jism-2.

Screenplay / Direction
As a director Pooja has just one commercial success in her kitty and that is "Paap", therefore in order to make Jism -2 a major success Pooja ran from pillar to post and didn't leave any stone unturned to meet the objective. But once again this Bhatt angle failed in delivering an entertaining delight to the fans.

In the first half pace of the screenplay seems to be rushing to have a rendezvous with the erotic sequences which are somewhat unnecessarily incorporated in the story to titillate the libidinal chords of the masses. As the story proceeds screenplay tries to touch the issues of terrorism also but could not succeed in vitalising it on the screen.

With a running pace of where an intelligence officer meets a damsel, gets cozy with her and with in no time reveals his identity and hires her for a mission. It looked like as if in the screenplay's sole emphasis is on exposing those voluptuous curves of Sunny. In the second half with excess of drama poking in the flow of the screenplay further deteriorates.

As far as direction of Pooja is concerned, then Jism-2 no where looked like a cine flick from a seasoned director, who knows how to knit an erotic-thriller to offer an entertaining delight to the cine buffs.

Inspite of having the patronage and legacy of legendary director Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja completely failed in extracting a praiseworthy expressiveness from her cine pawns, who were constantly seen struggling to get in the skin of their characters.

As far as technical aspects of Jism-2 are concerned, then they looked quite focused on exhibiting those stupendous curves of Sunny and exotic shooting locations. Though the camera work of the movie was somewhat good, but at times its extreme propinquity to Sunny over exposed the aging effect of this gorgeous damsel.

Acting / Performances
Well as far as performances of the protagonists are concerned, then except Randeep the entire star cast seems to be struggling to showcase a praiseworthy performance.

Eversince the promulgation of Sunny, as the leading lady of Jism-2 there was a flurry of hypes and speculations about her potential to perform in a decorous stream of cinema.

In Jism-2 this Indo Canadian porn star completely failed in leaving any impact on the fans by her performance.In the movie Sunny appeared lacking in the elementary acting skills and even failed in assimilating the expressiveness to her character. Throughout the movie she looked more of a mannequin who is being casted to showcase a diverse range of skimpy attires.

In Jism-2, it was only Randeep Hooda who managed to emerge as better performer while playing the character of an assassin. Randeep well carried the character of a lonely assassin and succeeded in leaving some impact on the cine buffs. In nut shall Randeep was better than rest, but not at his best.

If it's about Arunoday, then after seeing his next to perfect performance in "Yeh Saali Zindagi", fans may get disappointed by his performance in Jism-2, where inspite of his best efforts he could not succeed in stepping in the shoes of an intelligence officer.

Well Arif Zakaria looked completely captivated with in the confines of small screen acting style, and looked like a new comer who is oblivious about the real life persona associated with his onscreen character.

Music / Lyrics :
Music and lyrics, are the two such departments of Jism-2 which deserves to be accoladed with tons of praises for being the heart touching numbers. Arko Pravo Mukherjee's music is simply mesmerising where all the the tracks seemed to be knitted to tap the emotional chords of the cine-goers. Tracks "Abhi-Abhi", "Maula" and "Darta Hoon Adhoora" are soulful carols. Even the title track "Ye Jism" sung by Ali Azmat is mesmerising.

BO Potential:
Contrary to its pre-release hypes and hullabaloo, Jism-2 is expected to emerge as an average entertainer which may pull the masses, just because of the curiosity associated with it. Jism-2, the story knitted in a flimsy thread may succeed in fetching the gazes of young voyeuristic heads but may fall short of even their expectations.

To sum up, inspite of having a thick robe of apprehensions and curiosity around it, Jism-2 is an over hyped erotic thriller which even fails in quenching the libidinal pangs of the cine goers, who were expecting a thorough erotic delight from the Bhatts. The only USP that may offer some "Paisa Vasool" solace to cine buffs is a decent dose of erotica.

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