Sarah-Jane Dias turns INTO bartender

The fad among actors learning a thing or two to make a scene on the big screen look real is fast gaining ground. And it turns out Sarah-Jane Dias wants to be one of those who push themselves to please the camera.
A sequence in the forthcoming sex comedy required her to play a barmaid and accordingly, mix and serve drinks. The former Miss India took it upon herself to learn the trick of not only making cocktails but also juggle the bottles while doing so.
It wasn’t easy for her as it required a day of training to get the routine right thanks to real bartenders on the sets, who helped her out. But it was worth the effort as everybody from the crew was actually cheering for Sarah to make some drinks.
“It was a lovely experience behind the bar mixing vodka and whatnot. Also, I was juggling bottles and trying my best not to let them slip off my hands! I also learned how to make Screwdriver and Cosmopolitan in the meantime. Others kept encouraging me so it was fun,” she informs.
The B-Town newbie who is a social drinker herself continued with the barmaid-act even after the director called cut and the camera stopped rolling. When the shoot was done, everyone partied and the exhausted unit had a good time sipping onto the drinks that the former beauty queen had prepared especially for them.  
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