Salman Khan: ‘Dabangg 2’ will have bigger villains

Robinhood Pandey simply floored us with his sense of justice inDabangg. But now we hear that something bigger and better awaits us in the sequel

Salman Khan’s ishtyle in Dabangg became a rage with his fans all over the country. What’s more, it was probably the first time that the audience thought Salman was actually acting pretty well, thanks in no small part to his moustache. And all that, added to his dancing and fighting skills, resulted inDabangg being a super-duper hit.
Salman couldn’t have got bigger, or so people thought. But with the announcement of the sequel, Sallu begs to differ. “With Dabangg 2, we are taking the story ahead in a bigger city with bigger villains. But it’s not just about beating up more people. That masti is there, haramipanti is there, but the character turned out right in the first film itself, so you don’t have to do much with the character. Anything more than this would turn him into a caricature,” Sallu said. Hmmm, that means Robinhood aka Chulbul Pandey will more or less play his old self, but the elements surrounding him will get better, right? And that’s so true! ‘Coz do you remember Jaykant Shikre aka Prakash Raj who played the role of a corrupt politician in Singham? Well, he has been roped in to irk Mr Chulbul in Dabangg 2.
Whoa! Now that would definitely be big, no? But it makes us wonder about other super villains who would make a dhamakedaar jodi with our Dabangg Khan. Tell us, dear BollywoodLifers, which baddie would you choose for Salman Khan to bash up?
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