Ranbir Kapoor doesn't mind donating sperms

The actor believes sperm donation helps society and is pro for it.

At an international award function some days back, Shahid Kapoor, while hosting a segment of the show, had lightheartedly asked Ranbir Kapoor to donate his sperms. When Ranbir was recently asked to comment on Shahid's request, he sportingly replied, "It was not a joke. It was a compliment".

Exhibiting his impeccable sense of humour, Ranbir added, "At that time, I was backstage so I couldn't donate. But when he comes back, it's on my priority list that I donate sperms to him". On a serious note, would Ranbir ever donate sperms in real life? "Of course, why not", comes his instant reply.

"Sperm donation is a good thing. You are helping people by that. If you have seen the film Vicky Donor, they have explained it very well. So I don't mind donating my sperms", signs off theRockstar.

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