on cover : Pregnant Twinkle's first look

First Look: Pregnant Twinkle steps out - finally! 
  Finally Akshay Kumar's wife was spotted in public flaunting her baby bump!

Along with hubby Akshay Kumar and son Aarav, she was at a Juhu multiplex catching up on a recent Hollywood release on Wednesday. For the last few months, the star biwi had been missing from the scene.

Though there was speculation, that she was in the family way and had been advised rest, there was immediate denials to the effect.

Recently however Akshay had admitted that she is pregnant and that his 11-year-old son Aarav was looking forward to a sibling.

Now that Twinkle is in a better condition, she can finally step out. And considering that Akshay’s new film is releasing today, the timing of her public appearance could not be at a better time.

Any form of publicity is good on the eve of a release. And like most of B-Town folk, Twinkle who was in a loose fitting gown, hid her bump with her bag.
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