Did Ranbir Kapoor ignore Nargis Fakhri?

He apparently avoided the actress at a party in Singapore!

Ranbir KapoorIt doesn't seem like Ranbir Kapoor is a man who likes raking up the past which may have explained the actor’s odd behaviour last week. The 29-year-old stunned everyone gathered at a party hosted by Andre Timmins (one of the organisers of IIFA) when he completely ignored his alleged ex-flame Nargis Fakhri.

An eyewitness at the party held in Timmins’ penthouse suite in a hotel in Singapore revealed to the media that Ranbir arrived later than Nargis and when the two were in close proximity of each other, Ranbir apparently ignored her completely!

It is said Ranbir seemed as though he didn’t want to interact with Nargis. Later on, the two joined their own group of friends and got busy talking. Although he wasn’t present at the party, it is believed that Shahid, too, of-late has been ignoring his alleged ex Nargis.

Another source pointed out that the actors who bonded during Shahid’s birthday party in Goa hadn’t met socially in a while. The source added that Ranbir and Shahid had become good friends and often teased each other about their exes. But when it came to Nargis, they kept their silence because they had both been linked to the actress.


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