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Earlier this week, when the makers of the Kannada film Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga, announced that the film's leading lady Veena Malik would be in the city on Friday, the media was looking forward to meeting the starlet. But within hours of the announcement, the production house sent word that the press meet had been postponed. We later found out that Veena is facing a CBI enquiry with regard to her visa, as she's a Pakistan national.

Confirming this, the director of the film, Trishul says that the actor could not make it to the media meet as Indian visa norms require Pakistani nationals to procure permits for every state they visit in India. "We need to shoot in Goa and Karnataka, and Veena has got permission to visit Goa. On Friday afternoon, she went to the CBI office in Bangalore, following an enquiry into the purpose of her visit to Karnataka. She had to sign official documents and follow routine procedures. We too have sent letters to the CBI stating that she is a part of our film and have sought permission for her to shoot here," he says.

The actor was to join the film's unit on May 17 for a photo shoot and a press meet. "Veena is sorry about not being able to honour this commitment, following the delay in getting the permission," says the director.

This setback, though, will not affect the movie, claims Trishul, adding that Veena is likely to land in Bangalore on May 24 for the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, sources say that Veena's visa, which allows her to travel to 11 cities in India, had recently expired and that she is awaiting its renewal. Veena's publicist, though, says that there is no issue with her visa, and adds that the actor's dates for the Bangalore schedule have been worked out.

No title change yet

After the Kannada film Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga was announced, the makers of The Dirty Picture sent a legal notice cautioning them against the use of the title. But director Trishul says, "We replied asking if Ekta Kapoor has a national registration for the title. If she has, we will change the title of our film. Our film has nothing to do with the original."
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