Sanjay Dutt : Short interview

Sanjay dutt at Musafir press meet at IIFA, Sin...
Sanjay dutt at Musafir press meet at IIFA, Singapore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Why Sanjay Dutt won't use Twitter?

In a quick rapid fire round with Sanjay Dutt, get to know the person behind the actor.

What sort of roles do you enjoy the most?

I've made some mistakes too along the way but I enjoy all genres.

What mistakes?

I won't answer that.

One actress you would like to work with?

I'll have to choose that one carefully.

Any plans to direct your own film?

Maybe sometime in the future.

If not an actor, then what would Sanjay Dutt be?

I would be in the army.

When can we expect your autobiography to come out?

I'm more than willing to narrate if someone can write for me.

Are you looking forward to anchoring another show on TV?

If something comes up then yes.

One thing about Sanjay Dutt that his fans are not aware of?

I am a good cook. I can make Bhuna Ghost, Kheema Mattar, Dal, Dal Makhani, and Aloo Gobi.

Sanjay Dutt and Social Media?

I don't know anything about computers so I don't use Facebook or Twitter.
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