Randeep turns into alcoholic for Jannat-2

So it isn't all that shocking to know that Randeep Hooda who plays an alcoholic policewallah in Jannat-2 actually came drunk on set every single day because he wanted the slur in his dialogue and the slight unsteadiness in his walk.

Director Kunal Deshmukh is all praise for Randeep. He says, "I truly appreciate Randeep's dedication. If you are not an alcoholic (which Randeep isn't) then it isn't easy to have your first drink at 9 in the morning just to be able to stay in character. Randeep did it every day of the Jannat-2 schedule. In fact it is one of the reasons why Randeep is so convincing on screen."

Kunal adds, "But if Randeep downed a couple of pegs of whisky each day; Emraan Hashmi did just the opposite. Though he plays a hustler and is actually a kutti kameeni cheez; Emi kept his wits about him. Conscious of the fact that alcohol may ruin his diet regimen, Emraan steered clear of the potent stuff. However he couldn't resist drinking cups of hot chocolate (fattening too!) to keep himself warm all through the winter schedule in Delhi."

Fox Star Studios and Vishesh Films Jannat-2 releases on May 4

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