Most expensive bollywood Diva's

Kareena Kapoor has signed an endorsement deal with a lemonade brand apparently for a whopping amount of Rs. 5 crore. Bebo is currently endorsing as good as 16 brands including the latest one. Reports say that Kareena's endorsement fee (per day) is Rs 1-1.25cr. Some of the brands that Bebo endorses is Coca Cola, Sony VAIO, Head and Shoulders and Boro Plus.
Katrina Kaif allegedly gets Rs.4-4.5 crore for a deal. According to sources Kat's endorsement fee (per day) is Rs 1-1.25cr.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the brand ambassador of the coveted cosmetic brand L'Oreal and makes about Rs 4cr from brand endorsements. She has reportedly signed an endorsement deal

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