Emraan Hashmi to star in first U-rated film

Emraan Hashmi
 (Photo credit: Mumbai Goes Rewind)
Emraan Hashmi has admitted that he was persuaded by children to star in his first U-rated film.

The actor is associated with sexually graphic films such as Jism andMurder.

He told the Hindustan Times: "There is an untitled, universal film, it would be my first U-certified film. Actually, I was shooting in Jaipur three, four years back and some children told me that we watch your songs, but our parents don't allow us to see your films. So I said, one day when I get a good script, I'll definitely make a film for you all.

"Fortunately, I have got such a script. It is still in the pre-production stage and it has not been announced yet, but it is for universal audience.

"There is an adulation that you get from audience. I never really give too much importance to critics or any awards. So for me, audience's acceptance is my yardstick for success.

"For me as an actor, as a performer, it's a high, a positive sign for me that there is an adrenaline rush when the film releases Friday. I still wonder how the film is going to work, how will it be appreciated. This is fun, but scary too."

Hashmi revealed recently that he is generally not good at performing childcare duties when it comes to his own son.

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