Ek Tha Tiger is not Anti Pakistani film

Indian actor Salman Khan
Indian actor Salman Khan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kabir Khan who is repeatedly being asked this question after the release of the first teaser of the Salman Khan-starrer Ek Tha Tiger.

Kabir Khan's forthcoming film Ek Tha Tiger has managed to creat a lot of buzz with the release of its first theatrical trailer. The director has been getting lots of compliments from his fans and friends from the industry. However, Kabir is constantly being posed one question: Is Ek Tha Tiger an anti-Pakistan film?

As its promo suggests the question is much obvious. But Kabir denies it. He said, "I have been getting lots of comments from people thinking ETT is anti Pak. Let me say this once & for all, No ETT is not anti Pak,"

Overwhelmed by the response, Kabir informs that the film will be a total entertainment for Salman fans. He himself watched the first teaser at the theatre to check out audience response.

"I spent 15 days on just the sound design of the teaser but in the theatre there was so much screaming & shouting that I couldn't hear a thing. Salman is very happy with the tremendous response," he says, smiling.
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