Bipasha flying high

While many stars these days are opting to do their own stunts, many still prefer to have body doubles do the act, especially when the stunts involve doing something that is way out of their comfort zone. While shooting for her film opposite Hollywood heartthrob Josh Hartnett, Bipasha Basu not only did away with her fear of heights while performing a stunt but even managed to give a perfect shot with just one take.

Our source tells us that the scene in question required Bips to step into a wooden bucket that was lowered down a high cliff into a rapidly flowing river below. “Director Roland Joffe asked Bipasha if she wanted a body double to do the shot for her. Especially, since he had been told about her fear of heights,” says our informer, adding that initially the actress was apprehensive about doing the scene.

However, keeping in mind that she had trained for the action sequences for her role as the Maharashtrian warrior Tulaja Naik, Bips decided that she’d have to do the scene herself to overcome her fear. The source adds, “Roland approved the shot in the first take itself.”

Incidentally, we learnt that it is rather a difficult task to get access to the cliff — in the interiors of the Gold Coast, Australia — where the scene was shot. Bispasha and the rest of the crew had to apply insect repellant while camping at the location infamous for its marshlands and quicksand. Looks like our Bengali bombshell is all set to take up any challenge that comes her way now
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