Apabad : nepali movie review

Yesterday There was special charity show of The upcoming Nepali movie Apabad . Here is the review and what celebrity wrote about the movie . The movie is all set to be released on May 18 

Apabad movie poster 

"Malina Joshi - MISS NEPAL 2011 writes

Apabad .. a must watch movie !!! Go with your parents :) "

"Arjun Subedi, Film Maker and Director, writes

Nepali movie Apabad got amazing response on its special screening..Its coming on USA from May 18..All the local organizers of USA , I can guarentee you that you wont regret it. Its a movie about relation with your parents, .very well presnted, well executed movie...If you are thinking of screeing at your theater near you then lemme know...I can help you guys...APABAD."

"Sayal Shrestha - Co-founder/Chief Public Relations Officer/Editor - Nepal's Most Desirable 

Everybody loved the movie. People had tears in their eyes. :))
And I loved it too. For a Nepali movie, it was really heart touching."

"Sudip Shrestha - Famous Colorist writes

thank you subash for giving APABAD

"Sushil Raj Pandey, Actor of Loot writes

aaja dherai pachi maanma saabba haru ko badi urlera aayo... DAD ka harek gali haru kaan ma gunji rahyo tara aaja tyo gali ma maya ko mahasus gardai chu.... tetikhera gali le chitta dukhtyo tara teahi gali samjhida maya ko mahasusle vakkano futera runa maan lagdaicha... sayad umerko hisable pani hola tetikhera kun chai choralai ghar, dad mum ko chinta hunchara..... kachaura jasto yo kathmandu vittra vayera pani ma ghar bata dherai nai tada basirakhe jasto vairacha..... sayad feri teai +2 hudako maan aaja farkera aayo... khi sabda haru yo maan ma chalmalayeki lekhi halthe and its all from my heart...... thanx APABAD..... u gave my own memories......
 — with Sushil Raj Pandey. "

"Avineet Malla, theatre artist from Sarwanam 

Watched special screening of Apabad today...
Believe me, its a brilliant movie...
It's releasing after 9 days.... "

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