Aamir Khan to do Indian Inception

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Bollywood filmmaker Shirish Kunder will be making Indian " Inception "

Remember Christopher Nolan’s dramatic portrayal of the human mind in the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer, Inception (2010)? Well that concept seems to have inspired director Shirish Kunder, who is working on a similar storyline. And even though he is yet to finish the script, he has already set his eyes on Aamir Khan for the lead part. “Except the basic treatment, his script is completely different from Nolan’s.

Once it is finalised, he will send a bound script to Aamir. Going by the actor’s choice of films, Shirish feels he is the best choice for this intricate a character,” says an insider close to Shirish. The editor-turned-filmmaker has worked with actors like Salman Khan (in Jaan-e-Mann, 2006, and the upcoming Kick) as well as Akshay Kumar (in Jaan-e-Mann and the soon-to-release, Joker). Later this year, he will also direct Amitabh Bachchan in Common Man, a venture that has been delayed.

Even as insiders insist that Shirish’s plans to approach Aamir are certain, the director remains non-committal, but does confirm that he is working on this new film. “It deals with the human mind, but right now, it’s too early to reveal anything else about that film. At the moment, I am focused on Joker,” says Shirish, whose 3D science-fiction thriller starring Akshay and Sonaskhi Sinha, releases on August 31.

If everything goes well, Shirish will start work on the desi take on Inception next year after wrapping up Kick and Common Man. "Kick’s shooting will start by the end of the year. Sajid Nadiadwala (producer of Kick) and Shirish are chalking out details of the film that Salman will start shooting for after finishing Dabangg 2," adds the insider.
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