sexy twitter queen poonam missing

The Queen of Twitter has suddenly gone missing. Not a thought or a tweet has been penned for a while now, and no one seems to know the answer to what really happened.

After a year of tweets and scaling the popularity charts on Google and trending on the top 10 on Twitter globally, actor Poonam Pandey has vanished without a trace. Or so it may seem. She rattled the entertainment industry in the last few months and was on the receiving end of scathing remarks from some insecure Bollywood personalities.
She managed to put them in their place, but her silence now is unnerving. So where is Poonam? Her fans on Twitter are a worried lot. Without their daily dose of Poonam’s tweets, they are acting like addicts in
Sources inform us that Poonam has bagged a Bollywood movie has been paid a whopping amount by a major production house and is busy with the script of the film. A well-placed source also tells us that the role is tailor-made for the heroine of the film, which happens to be Poonam Pandey.
If the source is to be believed, this would be Poonam’s first Bollywood venture, and a birdie tells us that the movie will ‘blow your mind’ once it hits the big screen.

Let’s wish that the recently crowned Hot Strip Sensation on an online poll, sets the silver screen on fire. Flame on!

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