Pornstar Sunny Leone offered for a adult movie

Sunny Leone in new Adult filmCo-star and producer of her adult film eager to cash in on Sunny Leone's popularity in the country

While adult film star Sunny Leone is busy shooting her Bollywood debut in Jaipur, it looks like Phillipines-based actor-filmmaker Stegath Dorr’s is trying his best to cash in on the actress’ recently flourishing career in India.

Dorr is looking to release his second adult content film with Sunny, Black Shama in the country.

Incidentally, the filmmaker is also confident that the film will find a connect with the Indian audience. According to Dorr, the film is “an old-fashioned ghost story about abrasive pro-am bird photographers arousing the vengeful spirit of a medieval Malay witch doctor on sacred land.”

The adult film actress is said to play a Canadian-Sikh professional female photographer Jenny Singh in this film and it has been shot in Cebu, Philippines. Incidentally, Sunny too is said to be of Sikh-Punjabi origin.

Dorr however is a little apprehensive about how the Indian Censor Board will react to his project, made on a modest budget of $ (US)1, 00, 000.

While referring to a notorious and graphic molestation scene featuring Sunny and him, he says, “The graphic brutality of the molestation-murder sequence resulted in extensive re-editing.

And the sheer realistic nature of the death scenes were so shocking that the Philippine Film Board would never allow the movie to see the light of the day.”

Dorr has no qualms in admitting that he is actually trying to cash in on the hype of Sunny’s newfound Bollywood connection and adds that there was once a time when the actress was not at all in favour of working in India.

He points out, “Back then, Sunny spoke very little Hindi and the casting couch in Bollywood also turned her off, ” and adds, “When she was a pediatric nursing student in California, she was also doing modelling in the nude.”

Dorr’s first film with Sunny — Pirates’ Blood, was shot at South star Mohanlal’s studio in Kerala in 2008. However, the film was shelved due to a regulatory dispute between multiplex owners and the filmmaker in 2009.

Sunny’s Bollywood debut under Pooja Bhatt has also helped revive Pirates’ Blood. Dorr says, “A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Gulab Premkumar and was requested to return to India to shoot additional scenes for the film in order to re-release it.”

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